About Us

Advanced Metal Castings Limited is the home of the Axial Centrifugal Melt Expeller or A.C.M.E. device for short.

Our innovative award winning patented design is immensely versatile and a Greener solution for the energy intensive metal casting sector.

By manipulating the effect of shearing forces on liquid and semi liquid material we are able to produce highly refined micro-structures and cast them near net shape.

The design is readily adaptable to several existing process streams such as HPDC, GDC, DC, Investment Casting and Sand Casting. It can also be modified to create modern efficient manufacturing routes that eliminate entire process steps in the productions of commonly used materials such as extrusions and sheet metal.

Our vision is to provide foundries with better, faster and cheaper solutions to their production process.

By use of our products we aim to give end users:

  • Reduction in energy usage and smaller carbon foot print
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Stronger castings and possible weight reduction in cast components
  • Higher quality part with fewer defects