Metal Matrix Composites

The high shear rates and dispersive mixing action in the A.C.M.E machine allow for an effective means to produce highly desirable Metal Matrix Reinforced Composites (MMRC) & Metal Foams by precise injection of reinforcement particles or gasses through the machine.

MMRCs are increasingly finding uses in all sectors in modern engineering but are most commonly used for Tank armour, drill bits & landing gear. As a material they combine the properties of metals and ceramics to realise a material with better properties than the parent.

  1. Lightweight(Equivalent to aluminum, 1/3 of cast iron)
  2. High rigidity(1.8times of aluminum , higher than cast iron)
  3. Hard to crack (Increased fracture toughness against ceramics)
  4. Low thermal expansion
  5. High thermal conductivity
  6. Supports sizes larger than ceramics
  7. High vibration damping