Metal Processing

Our devices and processes produce castings with a highly refined cast structure without the use of chemical grain refiners . Reduction in use of chemical grain refiners allows for less chemical contamination and higher recyclability of materials.

Since the device contains fewer wearing parts it can be built from inert ceramics making the process applicable to all polycrystalline metal alloy systems including Copper, Steel, Aluminium and Magnesium alloys.

Machines can be placed as auxiliary attachments to on-going casting operations such as die casting, sand casting, investment casting etc. or can be adapted to one step shaping operations (Extrusion, Rolling, etc.) to eliminate entire process steps like continuous casting or casting of feedstock billets .

When working with semisolid material benefits include reduced operating temperatures, manufacturing costs and reduced wear on equipment.

Reduced latent heat and chemical segregation offered by the process brings down the defects within the microstructure and overall rejection rate of castings for the foundry.